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A Baptism in Eb

by Stephen Ross Portier

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Gone Native 02:54
It seems my colours have been flushed So take your hand and your brush Smear me into the scenery God knows I am no sight to see! I am no sight to see... Through my impatience I guess it would be safe to say I have gone native So what is your new intent? Your new exception? What is left of you to respect? Have you no discipline? That town was starving Now it has swallowed you whole Though stale it eats your every word These chords are stressing For new vocals
We'll be flying that quilt like a patriot from our roof That does not mean we will be shifting our eyes From that black pyramid as it drags through the dial We will be quick to sell you off For far less than a song Everyone is truly welcome here Just not for long Brother, may I call you brother? Would you take my hand? Lend me your trust and I will play the lone set of prints in the sand I would wear my shoes through the sole So long as I am leading the dance Smoke swells every room Mirrors make up this house of glass Truth come as a stranger leave just the same Though your offerings I am sure they are gracious We need not your name Happen upon our window Leave your breath at the pane Let your tracks where they lie Best if you don't come around here again Illusion?! Illusion?! I thought that you were my friend?! You know I cannot lie to you reality has got me sick in spin Would you nurture me in my weakness? You know we are nearing the end I could try and be strong But damn it is so sweet to pretend
I will be laying my burdens down by that riverside Where the shore and the waves as sinners as saints collide I shall not partake in that baptismal pride No. I am a foreigner here a tourist it is clear I am only around to see the sights I shall covet that careless dance of the trash and the ivy They twist how they make love and shift Into patterns and shapes I cannot understand in this life No. I must die Trade this body for Earth This coma for birth Oh, what a joyous decline! Into infinite knowledge and patience unknown How sly we undress from our famed flesh and bone To the fit of a grave A name set in stone Roses shall rot at our feet My woman she greets me every morning She assures to me that my aches are just dreams I need an awakening These seeds have been planted well and I have tend to the ground Now those fruits of deceit Well they have bloomed within me And they are falling all around I shall take their trail each night when I lay me down A submission of such My cowardice touch It is either panic! Or it is the come down... Though I cannot quite shake these roots My leaves are falling quick They shed to hide the blessed and the bruised Feed these roses at our feet Blossom these roses at our feet
The robes in your closet and trampled and tattered No this simply will not do This calls for a change Which calls for celebration These drinks are our goodbye to you That dirt on your cheek Will just stain over time You are not perfect this we have learned true So let us get in real deep That complexion is so white Maybe the day will sink in with time The rain will not was your soul tonight Or any night What you are waiting for is not coming for quite some time That is if anytime The wind and the breeze you have felt through your teeth is not for you It is not for anyone Nothing is a sign Weather, Rainbow, or Light It is just happening It does not mean anything at all So call on your curses Nothing is your fault This pain just builds character Can you not see you are a child You were born with this weight on your shoulder You have claimed it since the womb You will drag it to your tomb That star pinned across your chest We all know your secret... You have not been mistreated That holy flood is not coming through your land Or any land That house? It is just wood Why can you not understand? That gleam in your eye? It is just a goodbye for when they bury you Black coats perched in a line Slow sips of wine They have forgotten you
It is either piss or it is vinegar Here is to the easy way out! A toast to that walkaway Sipping slow on your doubts So you have kept your thoughts sober? Damn near swallowed your tongue Well don't cut yourself short, kid You were right all along It is the knowledge that gets you You were smart to play dumb When that Taurus gets to bucking You either hide or you run Heavy flirting with fire How those flames have waltzed through your dreams Once that kettle comes to boil You have got to let it sing Once that kettle comes to boil You have got to let it scream
I tried basking in the light But these creatures they got to clear They filled up my heart with fright Now I am nothing but of fled and of fear I used to find comfort in charcoal and scissors Stupid shit like that I gave all that up Yeah, kid, I have grown up And you know I am just fine with that I know that it is broken This pencil lead of a heart I have sharpened it so many times now It is just one little poisonous dart So I gave up on God, and my other, and love Now I am doing the logical thing I ain't felt it's touch since I owned that car And was still to embarrassed to sing I know, you know that you hurt me I know you were just playing fair Because way back then Yeah, I hurt you It is just that this time I really don't care So make and honest man out of me I have been singing this bullshit For nearly a decade I could use some honesty Make an asshole out of me Make an honest, asshole out of me


released June 1, 2015


all rights reserved



Stephen Ross Portier Columbus, Ohio

From high school level noise bands to intimate acoustic moments, Stephen has sung many masks. As the front man in an ever revolving independent effort, he has graced stages and living rooms alike. Now with a new sense of adulthood and a dash of rebellious questioning, Stephen weaves within his inner threads of thought, doubt, and resolute... ... more

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